Casino Meaning In Telugu

Casino Meaning In Telugu – BENGALURU: Despite regular police raids, illegal gambling is hiding in plain sight and rampant in the city.

Guling is usually done with a registered club or spade By law, competence is allowed, but competence is not DCP (Shrikar) Kuldeep Jena, in-charge of the Special Investigation Wing of the Central Shrikri branch, said that any outlet violates the rules and also allows gambling.

Casino Meaning In Telugu

Casino Meaning In Telugu

“Clubs allow only drunkards to enter. So it becomes difficult for us to identify what is happening inside,” said the DCP. So the police depend on informers to get information for raids. Suspicions are made – usually by those who feel cheated by a gay or a good citizen

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In 2018, 59 cases of gabbling were detected in Bengaluru The attack does not appear to have slowed activity. A total of 40 cases have been detected till September this year, indicating a similar detection rate compared to 2018. 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh was seized from that roof house in the last days’ raids? . Cards were played everywhere and the police even found illegal betting on cricket in 2-3-places.

A CCB official said that there is no particular area where gabbling is prevalent. The last three attacks carried out by the CCB were in Kathrigup (August 23), Jeen Biya Nagar (August 25) and Kalasipalia (September 4).

The legalization of the game has been discussed for a long time Jain said that in countries where it was legal, payers were preempted to play a gay game. “But here, people are very brave to play on credit “Such things create serious personal problems for the players,” he said.

According to an article published in 2018 in collaboration with Dr Anoj Kuar Shara of Nihans’ SHUT Clinic, a survey was conducted on 2,755 subjects aged 18 to 65 from an urban area in East Bengaluru. About 1.2. 1.2% of male respondents engaged in gobbling.

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Telugu ranks between Hindi and Bengali for the status of main official language in more than one Indian state. Belonging to the same Dravidian language family as Tamil, Telugu is spoken by about 7% of India’s total population.

Telugu speakers are no exception as online gaming is available to every citizen of India, although online casinos in Telugu are sadly lacking.

Casino Meaning In Telugu

As the iGaming market continues to grow, Telugu speakers in India will soon have an online casino that hosts their native language. Online casinos, a market less attractive to Telugu speakers and the wider population across India, are finding themselves the new darlings of the iGaming boom.

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Campaigns launched by existing and new operators aim to attract India-specific players, a step in the right direction to engage the Telugu-speaking community and Indian players in general.

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