Casino Party

Casino Party – Gambling Birthday Party organized at Andheri West, Mumbai. With this in mind, the team reached out to ideas and decorations to offer partygoers a night in the transformed casino.

Soon, the place became the entrance to the casino that won every face of Vegas. With a red carpet entrance to welcome guests and neon lights filling the place, the atmosphere is perfect for a night of fun and gambling.

Casino Party

Casino Party

Casino entries are written in large capital letters with different lights that appeal to people. With balloons and cards, no one will miss it.

A Royal Casino Night In Mumbai By Bookeventz

The place turned out to be decorated with all things casino related. From three covers to chips and betting cards, decorations are everywhere in the evening. Under the blue light, the place could be mistaken for any casino.

The area is scattered with game tables, professional dealers – blackjack, roulette to entertain guests. The dealers at these tables are the same that can be seen on regular gambling nights in many Bollywood houses. The night was full of professional gambling and all important betting.

While guests are busy playing their casino games, a casino cake with roulette rolls and some chips. Known for its theme nights and simple international dishes that served as party starters and ended with a proper Indian meal. The venue has an island bar in the middle of the party with a bartender serving mojitos, margaritas and some shots to get the party going!

He also provided a quick photo shoot and some fun things to add some zing to the party. Guests can bring any props and share with their friends and family and get the picture by the end of the night. Added neon 3D background for perfect photos for all Instagram fans and followers!

Casino Party Packages

The bright blue lights for the dance hall made all the guests dance and dance to the music. The DJ had Bollywood music that kept people dancing till the last minute.

So, take it easy and perfect, very successful casino themed party night has the right, groovy ambiance and all the professional gambling equipment to give all the attendees a short trip to Vegas night. A very popular topic. It also gives you and your friends a chance to dress up, have a few drinks and party the night away. What’s not to like?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as planning a party like being in one. In fact, it can be a quick job.

Casino Party

To help you out, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide that tells you everything you need to know about partying, from rules to what games to play.

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Read tips from a party planner and make sure your party is perfect in every way.

At this point, it is important to mention that running a business night without a license is completely illegal, almost anywhere in the world.

Remember, gambling laws in the US vary from state to state, so it’s important to make sure whatever you plan to do complies with federal, state and local laws.

And be sure that you will only need a license if you are doing business and benefiting from good lenders. It is perfectly legal to have a party at home for fun.

Casino Party Night Rentals

Often times, the best way to stay on the right side of the law is to play it safe by offering your guests playing cards (in lieu of money) and prizes for everyone who finishes the night with a big pile.

Access to entertainment is a complex subject because each state has its own unique laws. So, if you want to raise money for charity, check out our other guides.

Also, for both parties and fundraisers, don’t forget to keep alcohol out of the reach of children.

Casino Party

If children are involved, make sure you have a way to check ID.

Casino Party Cut Outs Versatile Las Vegas Casino India

You can always be at home or in the office; Just buy a green tablecloth to throw on the table or desk and you’ll be instantly inspired.

Card games are the easiest and cheapest games to organize; All you need is a few cards and some symbols to make the page.

This may include bringing in a venue, renting out real games such as roulette wheels and slots, or bringing in professional dealers and musicians.

If not, the comfort of your own home can also work. Looking for slots and big dice on playing cards will go a long way in giving you that feeling.

Casino Party Images

If the party is for work, it may not be appropriate to have it at your own home. Instead, the company should be good.

Just make sure you get the approval of the business owner and make sure the theme is good for them. The last thing you want is for the boss to come and end the laugh.

If you have the money, hiring a venue can add a little sparkle to your beautiful party. You can consider renting an office in a hotel, or maybe even a marquee to put in the garden.

Casino Party

In fact, the easiest way to host a party is to rent a real one. There are many businesses that can help you find and rent space, whether it’s a private room or an entire space.

Casino Themed Party Decorations Ideas 2019

Wherever you decide to host the party, make sure you choose a venue that is neither too big nor too small. No one wants to be locked in a hole or make your party feel pointless.

Now, before you say anything, we know it’s a theme, but that doesn’t mean your party has to be the same old Las Vegas theme.

For example, you can have a James Bond party where everyone dresses up as their favorite character from movies and books.

Or, if you’re feeling more retro, why not go for a Great Gatsby theme and pull out the jewelry, long-sleeved shirts, and your favorite cocktail?

What You Should Wear For A Casino Night Out

Either way, choosing a theme is a great way to tell your guests how to dress – an important part of any party.

And while having another theme makes the clothes more interesting, the full theme still offers many opportunities for decoration.

If you decide to go big, ask the men in your audience to wear black suits and ties or black bow ties. Women should wear evening dresses, full of gold and glittering jewelry as humanly possible.

Casino Party

If “chilled” is your style, jeans and a t-shirt will work well, although casual clothing will add a touch of class to your party.

Real Deal Casino Parties Offer You An Unforgettable New Years Eve

When it comes to games, our advice is to choose ones that you think your guests will enjoy, and above all, keep it simple!

No one wants to be forced to learn a bunch of complicated instructions for a game they’ve never played before while they’re at a party. Therefore, we recommend going to the classics – roulette, blackjack and poker.

That’s because all these games are easy to set up, learn and play. What makes them even better is that you don’t need any expensive equipment to play them.

You can pick up a poker table set, blackjack and roulette table cover for less than $30 each.

Casino Event Hire Ct

It is good to use only three different colors. This makes the page easy to follow and means that players don’t have many patterns to learn from it.

If you have a little extra cash, it’s worth thinking about hiring a professional realtor. This way, you and your friends are free to relax and enjoy the event.

Want to make your party more authentic? Then take the space machine for the night. A local party store or equipment rental company will be able to help you.

Casino Party

You want to make sure there is music. This can start from planning a playlist, hiring a DJ, or paying for a concert if you have the space in your budget.

Mardi Gras Casino Night Fundraising Event

Another good thing is to hire a photographer or photographer. Trust us, you’ll want to have memories of this night to look back on!

A party is nothing without guests, so be sure to send invitations in advance.

Also, this gives you plenty of time to finalize your guest list and check how many people you’re inviting.

Using physical invitations is an opportunity to get creative. Depending on your theme, they can be served as large playing cards, or as standard 1920’s invitations.

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If you don’t have a big budget and you already have everyone’s contacts