Casino Players Group

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Casino Players Group

Casino Players Group

This license extends our regular royalty-free/editorial license to unlimited seats within the same organization. This is an additional license for use in addition to the regular royalty-free / editorial license that grants rights to one person within the same company. The U-EL license applies only to staff of the organization that owns the account. The number of copies allowed per designer/employee is unlimited.

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Electronic Materials for Sale/Distribution: This license includes the right to use the Media in web templates that are sold to mass consumers, screensavers, electronic cards, PowerPoint presentations or as wallpapers on mobile phones. There is no limit to the maximum number of electronic devices (the number applies to all types of use).

This is an additional license to the rights included in the regular royalty-free license. Note that other restrictions still apply.

Physical goods for resale/distribution: including but not limited to the right to use photos or photo-based media for t-shirts, postcards, greeting cards, mugs, mouse pads, posters, calendars, framed artwork Copies (applicable number for each type of use) to sell to other users.

This license represents the exclusive right to use the downloaded media, but such exclusivity is for a limited period only. The buyer can use the media exclusively during the selected period (the exclusivity applies from the time the file is downloaded using this license), and it includes all types of designs with only a few restrictions. : Sensitive subjects can still apply with the buyer. Cannot claim that the file was created by him or resold as his work [image/media].

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Buyer shall deactivate the Image immediately upon obtaining this license. Contributor will be required to permanently disable the file from all other locations where it may sell it, as soon as possible after the sale, but no later than 72 hours. Contributor acknowledges and agrees to grant Purchaser exclusive rights to use the files obtained using the SR-EL1 or SR-EL3 license, during the selected exclusivity period.

The length of time for the exemption period depends on the license chosen. The SR-EL1 will grant exclusive media usage rights for one year. Similarly, the SR-EL3 will grant exclusive rights to use images for three years. Both licenses are unlimited in prints and continue after the exemption expires. At the end of the Exemption Period, the Purchaser’s license will continue as before, with all the same rights, except for the Exemption Rights, and the Image will be added to the Available Media Library on and off. Available for all users to purchase. After the end of the Exclusive Period, Contributors will also be free to download Media from other locations where Contributors sell their Media.

This license represents full ownership of the downloaded media. BUYER MAY USE IT EXCLUSIVELY (EXCLUSIVITY APPLIES FROM THE MOMENT THE FILE IS DOWNLOADED USING THIS LICENSE; BUYER SHOULD CONSIDER THE CAPACITY OF PAST DOWNLOADS FOR THE MEDIA AND should be selected accordingly or investigated further by support), and include all types. Design with only a few restrictions: sensitive articles can still be applied and the buyer cannot admit that the file was created by him or sell it as his own work. Agency shall deactivate the Media immediately after Buyer obtains these licenses. Contributor is required to permanently disable the file from all other places where he may have sold it, as soon as possible after the sale, but no later than 72 hours. This license grants exclusivity to the buyer, so contributors should note that exclusive media is represented by concepts, models, clothing and subject matter with a unique creative message and small variations in the image (camera angles, model posture). or a pointer change, for example) do not activate another file. All such variations sold in SR-EL that make the media too similar in concept and message should also be removed from sale. Photographer acknowledges and agrees to provide full ownership of files captured using the SR-EL license.

Casino Players Group

A group of young players pose at a poker table in a casino and look at the camera. Youngsters place bets in anticipation of big wins. Gambling money is a game of chance.

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Group of young Asian women or students in serious business meeting or project brainstorming in coffee shop

Beautiful woman in lacy lingerie having fun during hen party, sitting on bed, drinking champagne. Studio and New Years

A group of beautiful people playing poker in a gambling house. Focus on emotional brunette in blue sparkly dress

Woman in lacy lingerie having fun during hen party, sitting on sofa, smiling and posing for camera. Studio and New Years

Snack Munching Poke’s Players Aing To Deal Ache For Cancer Charity

Brunette girl in black plaid shirt dress, makeup and hairstyle, having fun during hen party, smiling, standing close up

A blonde woman in a dark plaid shirt dress is smiling, near a decorated Christmas tree, holding a gift box. new

A golden woman in blue lingerie stands by a decorated Christmas tree with presents under it. New Year

Casino Players Group

Brunette woman in blue lingerie kneeling next to decorated Christmas tree with presents under it

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