Casino Royale 2006

Casino Royale 2006 – “You don’t mind? Kill all those people?”

Casino Royale is the twenty-first film in the James Bond series produced by Eon Productions, acting as a reboot of the series. Re-creating the continuity at the start of Bond’s career as 00 and the first to cast Daniel Craig as James Bond, the film was directed by Martin Campbell and adapted. By Neil Purvis, Robert Wade and Paul Haggis

Casino Royale 2006

Casino Royale 2006

Based on Ian Fleming’s 1953 novel Casino Royale, it was the first Bond film to use the title of an Ian Fleming novel or short story since 1987’s The Living Daylights, and the first directly based on Fleming’s writing since. 1989’s License to Kill (although some interim films, such as Die Another Day, earlier included some of Fleming’s stories), it also constitutes a full-length adaptation of Fleming’s novels. The first, more or less, since 1973’s Live and Let Die, as the entire improvised film only uses selected elements from Fleming’s novels. It is based on a short story. (which requires a lot of expansion) or original work The film marks the third screen adaptation of Casino Royale, having previously been a 1954 TV episode and a 1967 parody; However, according to EON Productions, the 2006 issue is the only adaptation of Fleming’s novel. “officially”

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In this movie Bond must defeat criminal banker Le Chiffre in a high-stakes poker game to prevent his crime syndicate from funding terrorists. He was assisted by CIA Agent Felix Leiter and Treasury Liaison HM Treasury Vesper Lynd.

In Prague, Czech Republic, James Bond tracks down the head of MI6 Dryden, who sells secrets to his enemies for profit. They discuss what it takes to be a Double-O agent (one of the requirements is to commit double murder), and Bond informally informs Dryden that Fisher who had been in contact with his agent is dead. and “Bad” interspersed with dialogue in a black-and-white scene where Bond and Dryden fight in the men’s room. Bond eventually pushed the man’s face into the overflowing tub and held him there until he fell to the ground. looks dead Dryden pointed the gun at Bond. “Unfortunately, we hardly knew each other.” He pulled the trigger, but James pulled the bullet from the gun. “I know where you keep your gun. I think that’s something,” Dryden continued to taunt Bond. Ask him if he feels remorse or guilt for killing Fisher. Bond remains indifferent. His face showed no emotion. Dryden tells Bond, “Don’t worry, the second is–” to which Bond kills Dryden. Bond puts the gun down and says “yes, quite a lot” (although not explicitly stated, But Bond finds killing Dryden His second kill is “much easier” compared to the first) in flashback. Fisher recovers from Bond’s attempt to strangle him and retrieve his pistol. The frame immediately cuts to the series’ signature “gun barrel” sequence. Bond turns around and shoots the man. blood flowing through the frame encourage open name

The scene shifts to Uganda. The terrorist group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army is meeting with Le Chiffre, the private banker of a global terrorist group. The mediator for the deal was Mr. White, who invested his money and manipulated the stocks so they could get a 100% return on their investment. God’s Resistance Army, represented by a man named Steven Obanno, agreed to lend Le Chiffre the money for the purpose. his bad

In madagascar Working with another MI6 agent, Carter, Bond tracks down terrorist Mallaga, who is risking a fight between a cobra and a weasel. An inexperienced Carter is exposed when Mallaka picks up his cell phone and the terrorists leave the scene. Bond follows Mallaka, who is An experienced “free runner” which takes Bond through a construction site up to several cranes and finally reached the Nambutu embassy where he sought asylum. Bond raided the embassy in direct violation of international law and his orders. and captured Mollaka Bond fights his way through the embassy’s halls and finds himself surrounded by armed soldiers. An ambassador appears and orders Bond to let Molka go. Bond shoots Mallaka and a nearby gas canister and escapes the explosion. He also stole the backpack that Mollaka was carrying. He found a cell phone and exploded. Bond briefly scanned the man’s message. Seeing a message with an American phone number and the word “ellipsis,” Bond holds up the phone.

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At MI6, M is furious that 007’s act of violence is caught on tape at the Nambutu Embassy. Bond later sneaks into M’s house and hacks her super-cleaning system. So that he can trace the origin of the call from the mobile phone. When M walked in, she was shocked and explained to him the proper protocol and etiquette. She thinks it was a mistake to give him 00 status. Bond assures her, “00’s lifespan is short, so your mistake is short.” “Arrogance and self-awareness don’t always go hand in hand,” and she wants him to remove ego from the equation when he’s on a mission. She also tells him to take a break until she decides how to deal with him better. As Bourne is about to leave M tells Bond never to enter her house again. (What he will do again in Skyfall)

Bond discovers that the Mallak call originated in the Bahamas. So he went there to find out who called and why. He ends up finding a realtor, Alex Dimitrios, who works for Le Chiffre, and he is hired to find someone who can work for Le Chiffre. Bond meets Dmitrios and plays poker with him, winning an Aston Martin DB5 in the process. In this episode, Bond uses Aston to arrange a romantic evening with Dmitrio’s rejected wife, Solange, to obtain information about her husband. She tells Bond that Dmitrios is going to Miami.

Bond follows him where he confronts Demetrius. He saw that he had left his luggage for someone to pick up later. Bond kills Demetrious when he’s at gunpoint; However, the bag is missing and Bond looks for the man, Carlos Nicolic, hired to work for Mallaga. Bond follows Carlos to Miami International Airport. where he took out a security uniform from his pocket and put it on. He sneaks into the secure area of ​​the airport and Bond follows him, realizing that the “ellipsis” is the security code to get through the gate. M calls Bond to say that Le Schiff is about to have Carlos destroy the prototype of a huge airline called Skyfleet. The prototype is the largest passenger aircraft in the world. And its destruction will bankrupt Skyfleet Aeronautics. Carlos uses the building’s emergency sprinkler system to cause a diversion. Forcing everyone to leave the airport and slide out onto the apron. Carlos attaches an explosive material disguised as a keychain to a fuel tank and starts delivering it to the plane. However, Bond manages to jump over the tanker. The two get into a heated brawl along the way as they are chased by Miami-Dade cops. Eventually, Carlos jumps out of the truck. Bond barely manages to stop a tanker from crashing into an airplane. Carlos smiles as Bond is arrested and initiates the accusation. However, Bond discovers Carlos’ mini-explosive device and straps it to Carlos’ belt during the fight. And in the end, Carlos accidentally committed suicide.

Casino Royale 2006

On returning to Nassau Bond finds Solange murdered when MI6 finds her body in a fishing net. M explains that she was le Schiff tortured and killed because she was the only one left and he thought she could speak. Le Chiffre’s plan was to “short-sell” hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Skyfleet stock, and destroying the prototype caused the stock to “short-sell” Skyfleet. That plummeted and sent them into bankruptcy. Thanks to Bond, Le Chiffre lost over $101 million. Le Chiffre was a target. So have to find a way to make money in other ways. so that investors don’t kill him He hosts a high-stakes poker tournament in Montenegro for 10 players with a $10 million buy-in each, plus a $5 million buy-in if they all lose. M informs Bond about a poker game at Casino Royale in Montenegro. M also implants a device into Bond’s left arm so she can follow him wherever he goes.

Casino Royale (dir. Martin Campbell, 2006)

The British government collects the money and sends HM Treasury agent Vesper Lind to inspect Bond and will take no action. If he loses money They were talking on the train. Vesper spoke of his coldness.