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Room Casino – I have been playing poker for 20+ years. Beat the Fish has helped my game, especially the odds and statistics.

Your ideas about position play and starting helped me the most. I really like your poker site review.

Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino

I just wanted to appreciate your writing style in game writing. It’s easy to read, okay.

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Postflop content, c-discussion, frequency, how to play certain hands, focusing on what matters most, observing your opponent’s tendencies, more than your own hole cards, accurate hand analysis and more.

I liked how the information was presented in a clear language that a novice could understand. Upload your diagrams, etc. I’ve improved my game significantly using this.

Your Sit n Go Boot Camp made me a winning Sit and Go player up to £6. The strategy is sound and I started implementing it in the early stages of MTT and some cash games.

I am still new and learning texas holdem poker live or online. Everything I saw and read on Beat the Fish was great!

Sites Like Chumba Casino

I met Beat the Fish, which is now essential for the transition from fish to toy. The information is well organized and easy to follow.

I have read your ebooks and they are a great foundation for learning how to play more structured games They not only show that you are a good player, but they also show the weakness of my current quality.

I love beginner content because you are there, I review everything from the ground up. I liked that the site was small and not filled with confusing ads.

Chumba Casino

Not just the content, but you seem to be doing your mission so far, which is a huge achievement in itself.

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Your content is very insightful, you seem dedicated to your work, and you love the name BTF.

Blatant PR hyperbole generated by poker and casino review sites existed when I launched in 2005.

It still exists because many online gambling games have attracted money from those involved in this industry.

I’m bored. While I can’t control what my online poker competitors are doing, I can make myself better.

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Are reviews of vitamins, tools, and gardening products on Amazon from people who were “offered a discount for an honest product review”?

Next time I will be the first to see a negative review for a free sample. I think most affiliate sites follow the free sample pattern of online poker and casino reviews.

This strategy reduces reviews from actual buyers (players), making it impossible for potential buyers to get honest feedback.

Chumba Casino

I want Beat the Fish to stand out as that honest shopper in the money-driven online poker world.

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Good or bad, I’m going to tell the players what’s really going on in nature. This is more important than ever in markets like the US, where players rely heavily on trust.

I have all the hubs for US poker players and US casino players and here I try to give a clear answer to a common player question, “Online Poker Laws”.

I didn’t invent the internet. I was not the founder of online poker. My last name is not Gor.

However, it seems that I have been on both sides of online poker as a player and website owner.

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He is a lifelong poker player who took up online gaming in 2004 and started Beat the Fish in 2005.

You know, people still talk about MySpace, webcams, YouTube and blogging. Isn’t that a Seuss character?

That history has allowed us to experience some of the most important and legally landscape-changing events in online poker history – from both sides of the screen.

Chumba Casino

As sports and the stock market teach, past performance in the online poker business does not guarantee future results. However, it may give you some wisdom to make better decisions in the future.

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I don’t think it’s going to be positive anymore because I’ll be able to offer more poker and casino content when I outsource, but I’ve always beat the fish.

I like the old school control over every single poker content on this site. For better or worse, I only have myself to blame and take pride in everything I’ve done.

One addition was bringing in a small team that creates everything in the Poker News section and contributes to many other new poker and casino features.

Also, sometimes an artist creates custom images or coding artwork on the site for me, but I take care of the rest.

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Most of the top online poker websites these days are mega-sites run by a collection of foreign content writers and SEO experts.

Here the public forum is full of externals prepared by elites with a dubious desire to be dominated or purified.

For better or worse, I don’t fit into any of that, and I hope that’s what sets Beat the Fish apart.

Chumba Casino

Online poker reviews from all sections of Beat the Fish are the ones I’m most proud of.

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Besides teaching my title how to beat fish, browsing poker sites inspired me to create this website ten years ago.

There is a lot of misinformation and lack of detail about poker. I always thought I could offer something more accurate to online poker reviewers by going beyond the truth.

For example, my review of Ignition Poker seems to be over 13,000,000 words long, but I had so many thoughts after playing there that it didn’t feel complete until I shared them.

Online poker room reviews are a staple of any website like mine. Product reviews of all kinds have become a staple of the internet and guide many of our decisions.

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The problem is that when you throw your money into online poker, the “unsolicited” reviews are green with dollar signs, just like the virtuals they think they’re reviewing.

Beat the Fish is hopefully one of the few online poker websites that is misinformed on the internet.

Some of my more popular reviews are on BetOnline and American Cartrium, both of which rely on the Wild West online poker market.

Chumba Casino

Most online poker reviews are always overwhelmingly positive, filled with little detail and fill in the blanks with enough hyperbole to make Paul Bunyan blush.

Thank you Chumba Casino

The worst criminals lie to players, promising fast payouts from poker houses that have been scamming players for years.

This kind of filth I always avoid, even on my bonus focused sites for ACR and Global Poker.

When I tackle poker strategy, my goal is to make it accessible to beginners, but give intermediate and advanced players enough material to get a message to try in their next game.

To borrow a term from the marketing industry (which makes me a little jealous), I like to give players “ninja” advice in the poker strategy department.

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I also conducted poker hand strength tests and published a free poker book to give players a unique format for choosing a strategy.

Advice that is too simple and vague is not good advice. “Play the right starting hand and adjust to your position.” Gee, thank you.

“Almost always make a low-stakes call from late position with pocket pairs and 2+ callers before you.” This is a specific “Ninja” example that can actually be used.

Chumba Casino

I write poker strategy content with the goal of providing effective real-world strategies that you can immediately incorporate into your game.

Chumba Casino Review, Free Coins And Bonuses

I’m glad you found Beat the Fish and hope you find a site that interests you, helps you make up your mind about your next poker room, or wins a little more at the table.

I don’t run the biggest poker site in the world and I’m not an expert on the name, but I know it’s a great poker game.

I know online poker as an industry and what it takes for a player to survive and thrive. I’m not going to reinvent the wheel of online poker – just the service we bring to you.

When I launched Beat the Fish in 2005, I had one goal in mind: to create a dedicated guide for frustrated online poker players to literally “beat the fish”.

Rollercoaster Of A Ride With Chumba Casino!

Since then, I’ve reviewed over 50 poker rooms, written nearly 400 pages of content, covered the WSOP every year, and played tens of thousands of online poker games.

More than a decade later, I still feel blessed to be surrounded by the best sport in the world. What a ride.

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