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Betting Exchange – Betting sites do away with traditional sportsbooks, with punters betting against each other instead of the bookmaker setting your own odds and markets. This article discusses the best of these platforms that Indian punters have to offer, the reliable Betfair options in India and the best exchange betting sites.

Let’s say you are betting on a sportsbook belonging to the best cricket betting site in India. Here you can bet on only one outcome regardless of the market. For example, you can bet on Ireland and England to win.

Betting Exchange

Betting Exchange

Because conventional sportsbooks do not have this option. Of course, you could win with England vs. Ireland, but that would be a huge draw because England are the best team in the format (at the time of writing).

The Challenges Of Running A Betting Exchange

This is where cricket betting sites come in. They allow you to place bets, which means you can bet on outcomes that may not happen. Taking the example above, you could essentially lose Ireland to England.

In this section, we have reviewed the top six betting exchanges in India along with their pros and cons so you can make an informed decision before choosing one. Let’s get started.

Matchbook is Betfair’s leading choice in India, perfect for casual betting. Market coverage is decent, but the feather in the cap is their betting app, available on both iOS and Android devices.

All in all, we are quite impressed and have no problem rating Matchbook as one of the most popular and user-friendly betting sites in India. A slight drawback includes the commission, which is 4% – higher than most exchanges in India. Also, this site doesn’t really accept India-specific betting methods. However, everything else Matchbook does cannot make up for these shortcomings.

Cricket Betting Exchange Sites In India 2023

Although Crickex is new to the world of online betting, we believe they have serious potential to become one of the best betting deals in India. Yes, they have limitations, including limited tunnel vision.

The good thing is that this cricket betting exchange is mainly designed for Indians as well as those who are trying to bet online from Bengal. Considering the continent doesn’t have many betting exchanges in the region, that’s a remarkable achievement in itself.

The launch of a sports betting exchange in India in 2021 is a blow for this bookmaker, which already has quite a loyal following. The back-end infrastructure of the betting exchanges is strong, behind which the difference between the back and the bets can change quickly.

Betting Exchange

Although it is sufficient to serve regular betting exchange requests, Fun88 needs to fully exploit its UI and features.

Live Cricket Betting Exchange: The Future Of Sports Betting

As one of the leading cricket bookies in India, Dafabet has done a pretty good job in building a betting site that caters to the needs of casual and regular punters. The Dafa Sports Switch comes with several features that give you a rich experience while you’re kicking back. Importantly, it is available on both Android and iOS.

Recently registered as a betting site, Parimatch does not disappoint and does not disappoint. Sports books on the exchange are currently limited to football, cricket and tennis, but we expect horse racing and greyhounds to be introduced soon. To amend the range of betting exchanges, the operator will provide live coverage of selected cricket matches in the “Live TV” feature (on the left of the screen), but we must tell you that this will not be interrupted. cover up

However, it certainly helps to have an easy and fast banking option to transfer money into your checking account. Overall, we recommend betting site Parimatch, unless others make the cut for you.

The betting exchange based in Curacao hit the bullseye in terms of its range of sports activities, including betting. Apart from cricket, football, basketball and kabaddi, it also covers esports, giving punters an added edge.

What Is Sports Betting Exchange? All You Should Know

While we’re big fans of the variety and payment options that Indibet offers, we weren’t too thrilled with the website design, which looked very dull and unappealing.

Betting sites differ from traditional betting sites in four ways: betting results, flexibility, betting odds and commissions. The following data should help you clarify the main differences between the two.

Now that we have listed and described the best betting sites in India, we will tell you how to use one. To do this, we have developed the following simple steps:

Betting Exchange

While the range of options for such exchange sites in India is wide, most of them offer a few high paying options:

Betfair Sign Up Offer

Withdrawals are usually processed in the same way as deposits. However, if you do not consider deposit as a withdrawal option, then use Netbanking. Although the processing time is the slowest, it is available on all betting sites in India, which makes it the most reliable payment method in general.

This is the most direct type of betting that all sports betting sites offer. Let’s say you bet on the best cricket matches in the world. Here, a ‘win’ bet is simply when a particular team wins to win the match. Essentially, you are putting your money on a certain outcome and you want the race/event to turn out that way. Also, with this type of bet, there is the possibility of landing on higher odds.

It is this type of betting that separates the average bookmaker from the bettors. The first only allows you to bet “Win” and the last is an option to bet “Lose”. These bet you that a certain outcome of the match will not occur. By doing this, you essentially play the role of a book creator.

A “lay” bet is generally risky because it requires you to act against your partner’s interests. Therefore, you have a lot to lose if you don’t get it right (that is, if the outcome you are betting on happens). It is for this reason that you should use a betting calculator before placing one of these bets.

Exchange Cricket Betting

Before we explore the alternatives to Betfair in India, let’s first understand the problem when trying to change it. Betfair is undoubtedly the most popular and largest betting exchange in the world, but there are two issues to keep in mind.

First, Betfair charges a large commission (between 5-7% of your winnings), which can lead to lost profits in the long run. Second, and more importantly, Betfair does not operate in India, and you will get this information if you want to access it.

Some forums recommend using a VPN to register with Betfair. However, this only goes so far. Of course, you can visit and register, but you will be required to verify your betting account with a valid ID, residential address and proof of payment.

Betting Exchange

You will be required to provide copies of these documents immediately upon registration or withdrawal of funds. If you fail the test, your account will be frozen and your winnings will be confiscated.

How To Start Your Own Betting Exchange

The Betfair selection includes all betting sites that accept Indian bets: Fun88, Crickex, Indibet, Parimatch, Dafabet and Matchbook.

That said, we want to focus exclusively on Matchbook for this segment as they offer innovative betting products. Due to the good coverage of the sports market and their competitive edge, they never underestimate the fact that Indians do not have a big betting exchange like Betfair.

In India, Matchbook takes 4% commission on your net winnings and 2% in UK and Ireland Yes, the pennies in this country are a little less profitable here. This means that Matchbook beats other betting sites one by one in areas such as live chat, mobile betting apps for Android and iOS and valuable promotions, such as 0% commission for 30 days.

In this episode we discuss the best betting exchange apps in India. The best cricket betting app offers betting services, here are our top 3 picks:

Cricket Exchange Live Score

The Matchbook betting app is a bit unique in that it has some pretty solid selling points, but also some glaring flaws. For example, on the one hand, it has an easy layout for beginners, good market coverage, live chat support, and premium promotions, such as 0% commission on all sports for 30 days. If you go through these, you will realize that Matchbook is the ultimate. Indeed it is.

But then the Cricket Exchange betting app has two drawbacks: a lack of India-specific banking options and a relatively high commission of 4% on winnings (the standard is usually 2%). INR is also not accepted as a viable currency.

They appear a

Betting Exchange

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