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Aluva Casino – Cinemas in many parts of the city reopened after seven days on Thursday, with a few revelers trying to watch live amid COVID-19 from another “no-touch” seat, 50 percent off packaged food.

IAGE: Audience members sit silently during public disturbance at a cinema closed for the day due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Prayagraj on Thursday. Photo credit: PTI photo

Aluva Casino

Aluva Casino

While theaters and ultiplexes have been closed in states like Aharashtra, Tail Nadu, Kerala and Chhattisgarh, they have opened in many places, including Delhi and parts of Adhya Pradesh and Gujarat, and efforts are not good to comply with the new regulations.

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Noting that they will be the first to close and the last to open as India “opens up”, operators are optimistic about the first phase of the legal process.

IAGE: Officials are busy with final preparations ahead of the opening of a cinema in Kolkata on Thursday. Photo: Swapan ahapatra/PTI Photo

But it is opening slowly and only a few scattered people can overcome their fear of COVID to come and see ix regional and hindi regions like.

PVR, India’s largest cinema television company with 845 screens and 176 properties in 71 cities, said 10 states and four territories have extended their support. This is why PVR started working on 487 screens.

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IAGE: A worker puts up a bengali-fil poster on a wall before opening a cinema in Kolkata on Thursday. Photo: Swapan ahapatra/PTI Photo

Although they will begin an enforcement investigation on Friday, Cinepolis and INOX, the other major players in the industry, began showing files from Thursday emphasizing the security crisis, including strict cleanliness and social distancing.

Sanjeev Bijli, joint managing director of PVR Oy, said that the next two weeks will be a test for the film schedule, but the film business will recover.

Aluva Casino

IAGE: A child undergoing a medical check-up at a theater that reopened to visitors in Bengaluru on Thursday. Photo credit: PTI photo

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“By the way, we hit November, before Diwali, we hope to get a big vibe out there.

, which I now believe will go at Christmas time, but even now we have new releases such as

IAGE: People undergo a medical check-up after arriving at a newly reopened theater in Bengaluru on Thursday. Photo: ANI Photo

Cinepolis India CEO Devang Sapat said the company and its employees are excited to open their doors to the public.

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“As we all know, the sudden closure brought various challenges, such as how to find a good relationship with ebers tea and consumers.

IAGE: Heroes of Carona and their fall watch doors special screening at PVR Cineplex which has reopened as part of Unlock 5 at Vasant Kunj in New Delhi on Thursday. Photo: Kaal Singh/PTI

“In addition to the games, we developed a strong system and found that teas can work together and still perform at a high level,” he said.

Aluva Casino

He added, “We are confident that the I≈B industry mandated SOPs, equipped with exciting technologies and concepts such as self-service checkout, will help us welcome our guests with our unique style.”

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IAGE: Theaters and ultiplexes reopened in some parts of the country after being allowed to continue operating as per the instructions given in Unlock 5. Photo: Kaal Singh/PTI Photo

In the country’s capital, most cinemas closed and the few cinemas that reopened attracted few viewers. Join the investigation of the COVID-19 heroes or ebers employees and their failures.

IAGE: A worker cleans a shop inside PVR Cineplex in New Delhi on Thursday. Photo: Kaal Singh/PTI

The SOPs approved by the federal government include one seat in the lobby, at all, proper ventilation and a temperature above 23 degrees.

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In addition to weather checking, inquiries and contactless, the ultiplexes have become digital with e-tickets instead of traditional paper tickets, self-check-in with QR code, auditorium seating map and seat sharing via internet connection. food and drink.

, and ebers employees hailed the heroes of COVID-19 and their failures as they arrived for a special preview of the doors at Naraina in New Delhi on Thursday. Photo: Anvender Vashist/PTI Photo

While the ministry of hoe affairs has given permission to continue film and cinema operations in Unlock 5.0, it has left it up to individual states to make the final request.

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As the producers are eager to release new movies, it takes some time for the new content to return to the theaters as the major Bollywood movies have been canceled by the producers.

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IAGE: PVR Cineplex employees wearing face masks and asking questions greet the COVID-19 heroes and their failures as they arrive to watch a special ovie screening at Naraina in New Delhi on Thursday. Photo: Anvender Vashist/PTI Photo

Cinephiles who want to watch their movies again or get their movies to watch on the big screen can enjoy Sushant Singh Rajput movies.

In Kolkata, theater owners look forward to Durga Puja week for the release of new Bengali films. They hope to have the screens open on the 21st-22nd. October

IAGE: A worker cleans inside the PVR Cineplex which has been re-opened as part of Unlock 5 at Naraina in New Delhi on Thursday. Photo: Anvender Vashist/PTI Photo

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IAGE: Uncomfortable seats are seen during the doors at City Gold cinema after it reopened to ease the coronavirus outbreak in Ahedabad. Photo: Ait Dave/Reuters

SVF Cineas, which has 13 ultiplexes in Kolkata, will open its doors from Friday with all standard procedures, the spokesperson said.

In Puducherry, only one theater will stage the show, while the entire city will start showings in its two theaters on Friday. The reason is also the lack of new releases and the closing of the hall in neighboring Tail Nadu.

Aluva Casino

In Andhra Pradesh, theaters were closed again on Friday despite the government continuing to engage with filmmakers citing various restrictions before paying compensation.

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There are about 8,750 glasses in India. Of these, 3,100 are in ultiplexes and 5,650 are single screens, operating mostly in II, III and below city.

Many states, including Delhi, Kerala and Aharastra, ordered cinema theaters to close from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM, 2020.

Source: PTI – Edited by: Heant Waje© Copyright 2023 PTI. All rights reserved. Publication or distribution of PTI content, including framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without prior written permission.Casino Theater Aluva – In most parts of the country, cinemas are open n ‘after seven months on Thursday, “no” contact” time. COVID- 19, extra seats, 50% capacity and packed food and less people.The movie lover cautiously went to see the movie.

PHOTO: Audience members sit under social distancing rules at Cineplex, which reopened after months of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on Thursday in Playa Graj. Photo credit: PTI photo

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States like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Chhattisgarh continue to close theaters and other states, while others like Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat are taking strict measures to comply. Theaters and channel bundles have been opened in some states. in places with restrictions.

The theater property is building the first phase of the restructuring. It was the first region to be closed when India “opened up”, and one of the last.

But it was a quiet opening and a few people who had overcome the fear of COVID went to see the local movement mixed in Hindi:

Aluva Casino

PVR, India’s largest cinema operator with 845 screens in 176 locations in 71 cities, said 10 states and four federations have given permission. This brings the PVR to the 487 screen.

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PHOTO: Workers hang posters of Bengali films on walls before the opening of cinemas in Kolkata on Thursday. Photo: Swapan Mahapatra/PTI Photo

While commercial inspections continued on Friday, other major players in the industry, Cinepolis and INOX, started screening films on Thursday, stressing that safety measures include strict hygiene and social distancing.

Sanjeev Bijli, joint director of PVR Oy, said that the next two weeks will be a test for the cinema chain, but cinema operations will continue.

PHOTO: A young man undergoes a fever test after a theater reopened in Bangalore on Thursday. Photo credit: PTI photo

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PHOTO: People arriving at an open air cinema in Bengaluru on Thursday are screened for fever. Photo: Ani Pictures

Cinepolis India CEO Devan Sampat said the company and its employees are excited to open their doors to the public.

“As you know, this lockdown came out of the blue and involved various problems, such as finding a way to communicate effectively with the team and customers.

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PHOTO: Veteran Carona and his family watch a special screening of the film at the reopened PVR cinema as part of Unlock 5 at Vasant Kunj in New Delhi on Thursday. Photo: Photo by Kamal Singh/PTI

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“Over time, we developed a robust system and found that we could maintain high productivity even when the team worked together,” he said.

“I am confident that the SOP set by the Ministry of I&B will enable us to host our guests in a unique way with exciting technological programs and ideas like personalized research.”

PHOTOS: Theaters and channel bundles have opened in some parts of the city since it was allowed again.