9 pages – Whether in the Bundesliga, like Bayern against Mainz, with darts or handball: betting on sports is common. But there are also lurking dangers.

Many people dream of winning gambling fast. But not all providers are legitimate and reputable. Here you will find tips on how to bet safely on sports.



Whether it’s Bundesliga, Ligue 2, Champions League, Europa League or Conference, UEFA World Cup, archery competitions, tennis, cycling like Tour de France or one of many other sports – all these keep sports fans busy. Those who like to watch cannot miss the sports betting providers and bookies. They support teams, leagues and associations, bwin, tipico or BildBet logos are written on flags and shirts, and there are almost always commercial breaks. Many sports fans are eager to participate themselves, to be in the middle of it instead of just being There. But: if you are starting a game, you need to think about everything carefully. Because not everyone who accepts online sports bets adheres to the rules of the law. Read everything you need to know about sports betting here. Please click on “Compare providers”.

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Sports betting is more than just predicting the outcome. Will a certain team win? Which player will score the next goal, how many goals will there be in the game? Money can bet on points like football, for example. And of course this is the first game in Germany – also when it comes to gambling. And there is a lot of money in it, even though the market collapsed in 2020 due to the Corona crisis. According to the Ministry of Finance, total sales were still 7.8 billion euros, which is 16% less than the record year of 2019. These sales also make the national treasury cry: the federal government takes about 400 million euros. Every year – therefore, online sports betting is an important point.

This is clear from the latest data: the corona crisis is over for sports betting providers operating in Germany. As reported by the German Sports Association (DSWV), the turnover in the domestic market in 2021 was 9.4 billion euros and therefore 21 percent above the level of 2020 – and above the previous record of 9.3 billion euros in 2019. It stabilized and returned to the level of 2020, the level that was before the corona. “Interest in sports betting in Germany remains high,” said DSWV President Matthias Dams. In 2020, important events such as the European Football Championship were postponed due to the Corona epidemic. In response, suppliers also increased their spending on advertising and sponsorship in 2021. For this year, betting providers are expecting a special impact from the World Cup in Qatar (November 21 to December 18, 2022). During the tournament we expect additional bets of 750 million to 1 billion euros,” Dams said. Respectively, this means that each big person in the country bets between 11 and 14.50 euros during the competition.

Because the government must protect its citizens from harm, it wants to provide providers with as accurate a plan as possible. Not everyone in the country is allowed to offer betting, as the business is strictly regulated in Germany by the National Gambling Association. The regional court in Darmstadt is responsible for this. The contract is updated regularly, until now, on October 9, 2020, 15 sports betting providers have been officially approved. With the approval of the parliament of Saxony-Anhalt on 21 April, the new national agreement on the 2021 Games cleared the final hurdle; On July 1, it will come into force throughout the country. It needs to bring clarity and put an end to the unregulated situation that has promoted the blue market to the black market in Germany for almost 15 years. Since it was founded in 2014, the German Sports Association (DSWV) has been advocating a fundamental change in German. Gambling laws, including online casinos, are now being talked about changing. “States are finally moving away from their old prohibition policies and regulating existing online gambling markets for sports betting, slot machines and poker under strict quality standards,” according to the announcement.

The main goal of these methods is to deal with two major problems in the gambling business: money laundering and gambling addiction. To protect players and enable responsible gambling, only German licensed bookmakers are allowed to offer the game. This implies that the provider complies with all youth and data protection laws. It starts with age verification when you open a game account and progresses to full account ID verification within 30 days of registration. Until the end of the process, a maximum of 150 euros can be deposited, if the verification after the deadline is not successful, the account will be blocked. In addition, licensors require players to declare their income and assets to ensure they are not spending more than they can afford.

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Every authorized provider is obliged to promote responsible gambling. This includes self-regulatory measures, such as setting daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits. All licensed bookmakers in Germany are connected to the national player database OASIS. This is the main locking mechanism to protect players and fight gambling addiction. It is designed to protect gambling addicts from “hijackings” through portals. Such measures are important: gambling problems are especially common among young men who have a close connection with sports. They believe they can avoid losing because they know the game and have the illusion of control. Highly competitive athletes seek the thrill of online sports betting.

In recent years, organized crime has found a new place in match fixing. The risk of detection is low because investigations into online gambling are difficult and the penalties are relatively low compared to other crimes. Criminals gamble on black money that grows and cheat it for profit.

Cheating games are dangerous. Referees and athletes are vulnerable to the temptation to cheat. Critics, such as experts from the anti-corruption organization Transparency Germany, therefore call for a ban on all stakeholders, such as players, referees and other parties, from betting on their game. The general ban on gambling is hypocritical. “At least we were able to confirm that the authorities are also affected by the gambling ban,” says Silvia Shank, head of the sports department at Transparency.


Sports betting and gambling are also very controversial in science and are therefore the target of harsh criticism. COMPUTER BILD interviewed Dr. Tobias Heyer, a psychologist and research assistant at the University of Bremen, is a postdoctoral researcher at the Gambling Addiction Center in Bremen and has been involved in gambling research for 20 years.

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Dr. Tobias Heyer: Your presentation is about the social costs and harms that society has to bear: money laundering, game-fixing, related crime and the dangers of addiction. In the sports industry, the market has changed. While pool betting was previously associated with low risks of addiction, the products available today have increased the speed The game and therefore the potential risk

Hayer: Users should find out if the provider has a gaming license in Germany. However, it is not wise to invest in companies that are not licensed in this country. Independent betting providers maintain a business model of increasing sales by contacting many new customers and retaining regular players. Player safety and addiction prevention often take a back seat.

Computer BILD: What do you expect from the National Sports League? Heyer: In the future, all forms of online gambling will be legal throughout Germany. On the other hand, I am very skeptical if the established player security measures, the limit file or the early detection system, can develop their full effect to prevent addiction. The government agreement mainly serves the interests of the donors.

But how do you know the black sheep in the betting business? The fact that an error is shown, for example, is the fact that providers ignore the legal limit of 150 euros before full verification and attract new customers with high bonus payments if they deposit more money into their gaming account. Not only is their money at stake here, players can also be dragged deeper into addiction by aggressively talking to them. If you want to get the right result without feeling bad, it is better to look for a provider who already has a license. Because you have to follow all the rules and behave fairly according to the law. In general, you can find the license references at the bottom of each site or in the terms and conditions.

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Sports betting providers such as BildBet (pictured), tipico or bwin offer many bets. From England’s U23 League to the Champions League. Watch out for the bonus!

The complete list, the “white list” of gambling providers associated with OASIS GlüSTV in accordance with the national gambling agreement, can be found at the responsible regional court in Darmstadt.

Safe companies include the big players bwin and tipico, but also the small ones (under this name) BildBet. Behind this is a partnership between COMPUTER BILD’s parent company BILD and BetVictor, one of the leading independent international bookmakers. For companies like BildBet and its competitors, according to their statement, trust, fairness, transparency and speed are top priorities. “We bring the sports game to people and we are by their side at every level – as a fan, a coach and as a training partner,” said the company’s spokesperson. BildBet wants to take responsibility with excellent production and customer service with well-trained staff, payments should be processed quickly.


However, all measures do not release the player from the responsibility of handling his money. Anyone new to the game should first make it clear that betting should not be understood as a potential source of income: the sure winners when it comes to betting are the bookies. Money thanks to their sales and thanks to the state

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