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Best Star Exchange – Best Star Swap – What are the Best Honkai Star Rail Cones? Unlike traditional weapons, Hoover’s epic intergalactic adventure eschews swords and bows in favor of abstract memory cards that can be equipped to give your characters passive perks.

Finally, dreaming of the best Honkai Star Rail characters at the top of our lists will further help you in this free PC game. For the panels to work well, they must be equipped with the best Honkai Star Rail light cones in the kit. That’s easier said than done, so here’s how to find and upgrade the best cones in a light, turn-based game.

Best Star Exchange

Best Star Exchange

Honkai Star Rail light cones commemorate individual characters with portraits of the characters appearing on their badges. Coincidentally, this is also a clear indication of the best cones of light for each character, as their effects are designed to complement their unique characteristics.

Best Light Cones To Get In Starlight Exchange In Honkai Star Rail

However, you may not find the perfect fit for your lightweight body. If you can equip a character with Cone of Light in an open world game, you can only equip the powerful Cone of Light passive accordingly on the character. Characters with a different path benefit from the health, attack, and defense that all Cones of Light provide, but this is the best use for them. Fortunately, our Honkai Star Rail list contains the best light cones for each track, so you never have to worry about having a perfect game.

Increases monster max health and exit health by 12-25%. Record the amount of healing delivered when the user heals their allies. When an ally attacks, the randomly attacked enemy takes additional damage equal to 50-100% of the original healing cost. This damage bonus is equal to the wearer’s damage, does not affect other buffs, and can be used once per turn.

Each time the wearer attacks, quadruple their attack for that battle by 8×16%. If the wearer inflicts a weakness on enemies, the wearer’s damage is increased by 12-25% for two turns.

Increases monster critical damage by 32-64%. Increases monster capacity and final damage by 20-40%. The user receives a Somnus Corpus after using their abilities. Activating a guard attack consumes Somnus Corpus and increases the damage of your next attack by 48-96%.

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Increases user’s energy regeneration by 8-16% and generates a skill point when user uses Ultimate on an ally. This effect can be activated after each use of the user’s Ultimate. Each time the user uses this ability, the next ally will deal 30-60% more damage per turn.

Increases enemy crits by 8-16% and increases bonus crits by 8-16% against enemies with less than or equal to 50% health. If wearer defeats an enemy, increases their attack by 20-40% for three turns.

Increases ghost resistance by 8-16%. If a monster is attacked and has no shield, it gains a shield equal to 16-32% of its maximum health for two turns. This effect can only be activated once every three turns. During an attack, if the shield is activated, the damage taken will be reduced by 12-25%.

Best Star Exchange

Increases the success of the carrier effect from 24% to 40%. If the wearer deals damage to an enemy that currently has three or more flaws, the wearer’s crit rate is increased from 12% to 20%. Once the user uses their basic attack, ability, or ultimate, they have a 100% chance to cast the Ether Code on any target that doesn’t already have it. Ether Code Symbols deal 12-20% more damage per turn.

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Cones of Light can be obtained as Research and Exploration rewards or by purchasing them through Undying Starlight at the Starlight Exchange. However, if you are looking for the best cones that Ankai Star Rail Warps anime game has to offer, Honkai Star Rail Warps is the way to go. While the odds of getting the ultra-rare five-star glow cones from Honkai Star Rail Banners are slim, their potency leaves their three- and four-star counterparts in the dust.

Once you have the best Honkai Star Rail light cones, upgrading them should be your first priority. You can flatten them using grow gear, credits, and even inexpensive glow cones – but be aware of occasional restrictions that require the glow cone to be higher than the lifting gear. Finally, the effect of your chosen Cone of Light passive ability can be enhanced by Layering, an enhancement process that can only be initiated by spending a double Cone of Light.

With the best Honkai Star Rail light cones, we make sure your characters can level up too. A hero is only as good as their team, so check out our Honkai Star Rail Team Building guide and Honkai Star Rail Active Currency Codes List to recruit powerful heroes.

If Nat Smith didn’t bow to Lilith in Diablo 4, he’s probably lost in the latest rogue-like horror game, or Dream of Banners in Honkai Star Rail. Don’t ask him to choose his favorite character in Overwatch 2: you’ll never get a straight answer. Light cones are the most important items for character creation in Honkai Star Rail, as they are equivalent to weapons in other games. Some of these light cones can provide flat character stats, while others can provide unique benefits that directly affect a character’s path.

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Luckily, there is an option to buy free 5-star glow cones from in-game stores. However, it takes a long time to accumulate the needed currency. In this case, “Unfading Starlight”, which is available when you get 4 star and 5 star symbols in addition to currency copies.

The following article lists the best light cones available on the Honkai Star Rail Starlight Exchange.

Top 5 Star Light Cones to Get in Honkai Star Rail Starlight Shop 1) How to Get Immortal Star

Best Star Exchange

As mentioned above, Undying Starlight can be obtained by obtaining 4 and 5 star Gacha characters or by obtaining copies of them. However, after a certain amount, each character grows with the Eidolons. As a rule, for each copy of the best characters, the total profit increases significantly.

Honkai Star Rail Terms Explained: Stellar Jade, Light Cones, Mechanics & More

Players must collect 600 Immortal Stars from the aforementioned sources in order to purchase a 5-Star Cone of Light from the Shop.

Cones of light are usually closely tied to paths, as characters of different classes cannot use cones of light in any other way. Therefore, players are advised to check their party carefully before choosing Light Cone instead of 600 Undying Starlight.

The Galactic Night of Erudition is a powerful item for the frog, as it can multiply its attack by 5 times, increasing by 9% based on the number of enemies on the field. This is great to use on all Scholar characters, as the ATK boost gives the user S-tier DPS in the field.

Most people wait for time, no one can work on a healing attribute in the game, because it can increase the user’s HP and healing performance. So even though the character’s healing isn’t based on HP, this cone of light can provide more healing. Additionally, the user takes additional damage equal to 36% of the healing cost.

The Best Honkai Star Rail Light Cones

Those looking to turn to the Suppression Service for DPS can purchase the “irreplaceable” Cone of Light, which increases the user’s ATM by 24% and an additional 24% on hit. The final effect activates healing based on the user’s current ATK.

Therefore, if players want to run Undying Starlight, these three cones of light should be prioritized above all else. As the controversy surrounding cryptocurrencies has intensified in recent years, public demand for services has increased, pushing cryptocurrency providers to their limits.

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Best Star Exchange

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Therefore, wishing for the best Honkai Star Rail characters at the top of our tier list will only get you a free PC game. For the characters to work well, it is important to equip them with the best Honkai Star Rail light cones that match their set. It’s easier said than done

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