Casino War

Casino War – Casino War is the fastest and easiest table game to learn and play in a casino. With seating for up to three players at a time, the game always brings camaraderie. The players could be seen celebrating each other as they all had their stakes. Follow these three rules when playing the game and you will increase your chances of winning.

Play against the dealer Bet on the marked area. You and the dealer each receive a face-up card. If your card is higher than the dealer’s, you win the same money. If your card is lower, you lose. (Ace is tall.)

Casino War

Casino War

Going to War If your cards match the dealer’s rank, you can forfeit half your bet or go to war. When you go to war, you and the dealer match your initial bets, putting money on the table. You and the dealer each get a different card, and if you beat the dealer, you win all three bets. If you lose, you lose three bets. If you go to fight and tie the dealer, you not only win, you also win an extra unit. Winning relationships in war means a lot.

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Tie betting Casino War also has tie bonus bets. If you tie and your cards match the dealer, you win 10 to 1. Modern warfare is so high-tech that we can’t even understand how everything works. With the stakes so high, strategies are planned down to the smallest detail. Casino War is quite different: it’s simple, there’s no real strategy, and it costs pennies to play.

That said, you don’t want to miss out on Casino Wars like you enjoyed the original card game with grandma on the porch at home.

For those of you who haven’t played Casino War before, you may find it in other casinos under a different name, as Shuffle Master, owned by Scientific Games, holds the naming rights. This is the official version you can find at TwinSpires Casino.

The rules of Casino War could not be simpler. You play against the dealer and make a bet (minimum amount is only 10 cents). You are then each given a playing card, and the one with the highest value wins. All cards are arranged like poker, from 2 to 10, then J, Q, K, A high.

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But what happens when two cards are the same, I hear you ask (or murmur in confusion)? Again, it depends on…

This state of bliss lasts as long as you let it. Wars can indeed go on for a long time.

You might think that the odds of playing Casino War online are pretty similar. Since both you and the dealer have a 46.3% chance of winning the first card, this is true. But that’s nowhere near 50:50. The difference is when you return to the tie (to get the 10:1 odds) and how you choose to play after the tie.

Casino War

Going to war is always better statistically. never give up! Statistically, you shouldn’t bet on the tie bonus every round, although it’s fun.

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If you always play with the best strategy – don’t bet on tie bonuses, and always play wars – you can lose slowly over time because Casino War houses are small.

Astute readers may recognize the similarities to betting on baccarat, where you can choose Player, Banker or Tie. Not surprisingly, both games have similar low houses. Casino Grand Strategy is above 2%, while Baccarat is slightly above 1%. This means that in Casino War, you can expect to lose $2 for every $100 you bet, which isn’t bad, at least in the long run.

Of course, there are some minor changes that make playing Casino Wars a little easier. Like flipping a coin, there will inevitably be five streaks of heads or tails in a row. Sometimes more. Likewise, your card may be lower than the merchant’s card multiple times in a row. So make sure your stakes are low enough to absorb a losing streak – or if you have one, to leave behind the big winners.

If you haven’t considered trying Casino War yet, this article will hopefully get you into fighting shape. If you haven’t already done so, sign up for your TwinSpires Casino account (with a generous welcome bonus) and head to the virtual casino lobby to battle the dealers – in the best possible way, of course. Good luck! Each player at the table is dealt a card, and the dealer deals one card. If your card is higher than the dealer’s, you win! If your card has the same value as the dealer’s, you will have the opportunity to “join the fight” and try to beat the dealer with a second card.

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Casino War

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