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Beti Exchange – Beti Exchange – Beti Exchange – Sunil KC is the Vice President of Nepal-India Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NICCI) and Global Investment Adviser to Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI).

Sunil KC said, “Despite the outbreak, Nepal’s exports in 2020/21 last year accounted for 50 percent of India’s exports, and India’s exports to Nepal reached one trillion rupees. 6 compared to the previous year. It is similar to 32%.

Beti Exchange

Beti Exchange

The roti-bet partnership between India and Nepal is set to move to the next level, with the Sound state offering huge opportunities for Indian investors in sectors ranging from energy to tourism to infrastructure. Industries (NICCI) & ap; Global Investment Adviser and Ap of Nepal Chamber of Commerce; Industries (FNCCI) told ET Dipanjan Rai Chaudhary during P Sher Bahadur Deoba’s visit to India from Friday.

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Nepal and India have many ties that differ in size, population, economy and level of technological development. Both countries are natural partners and have great opportunities to develop relations. We can deepen cooperation in trade, investment, energy, tourism and infrastructure.

The main objective of NICCI is to promote investment cooperation and economic relations between India and Nepal through bilateral relations. NICCI is the destination for cloud organizations and represents the right organizations to solve industry problems. NICCI is the only organization established in Nepal to promote investment in India.

This organization works in collaboration with the relevant agencies of the Government of Nepal and diplomatic institutions of both countries. Our mission is to promote Nepal as a strong destination for foreign investors, especially from India, to help start business and transportation. Offer to return. NICCI helps Indian investors find customers and factories in Nepal.

He explained the economic cooperation between the two countries at the moment? Before 1996, Nepal’s trade with India was 1/3 of Nepal’s total trade. India’s exports are less than 5 billion rupees and India’s exports to Nepal are less than 15 billion rupees. Therefore, the export ratio of Nepal to 3:1. The trade agreement signed in 1996 under the Gujral Act aims to support Nepal with an industrial base that has duty-free access to the Indian market for Nepali products, mostly those working in FNCCI. CII and NICCI were. Nepalese and Indian businessmen hailed the agreement as a “symbol” and led to a strong recovery of Nepalese investment in Nepal and Indian and foreign businessmen. What he did According to the purpose of the Nepal Industrial Agreement, the first period of the agreement will be a “golden year” in terms of foreign direct investment within seven years.

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According to the spirit of the trade agreement, Nepal’s international trade association accounts for two-thirds of the increase in trade with India and this relationship has continued for the past 15 years in Nepal’s international trade with more than 150 countries. Here I would like to say that India is considered as the main trading partner of Nepal, but India should also be considered as the main trading partner of Nepal. This is clear because the special relationship between the peoples of our two countries is expressed in more than 1800 K open border furnace, trade and land exchange agreement between the two countries through 22 trade and economy. and rail transportation subsidies and service contracts. As with other contracts and agreements.

Nepal recently crossed the ‘billion’ mark in the history of Nepalese exports to India. Nepal is one of the most valuable places in India because of the nature of the two countries. Despite the outbreak, in the last fiscal year 2020/21, Nepal’s exports to India increased by 50% and India’s exports to Nepal stood at 6 trillion rupees, an increase of 32% over last year. There, our efforts are now aimed at increasing export growth, giving priority to value-added products.

You called it the golden stage of Nepal’s FDI history after the trade agreement of 1996. Can you name the Indian companies that have invested in this?

Beti Exchange

In the 1990s, there were many companies from India and abroad that attracted attention to Nepal. In addition, despite 10 years of insurgency in Nepal, they got a large share in the treasury of Nepal and got the status of a “blue chip” company in the technology of the capital market of the country. Examples are Dabur Nepal, Unilever Nepal Limited, Surya Nepal (Sister of ITC India), Asia Paints Nepal, Burger Jensen & Nicholson Nepal, Kansai Paints Nepal, Aarti Strips, Ashok Steel Industries, Gorkha Lehri, Pro Biotech Industries. , Gorkha Brewery, Highland Distillery, Nepal Distillery, Singold Brewery Nepal, United Brewery, United Brewery Nepal, United Spirits Nepal, Varun Beverages Nepal, Hotel Everest International, Hotel Hyatt Regency, Nepal SBI Bank Limited, Everest Bank Limited, (sister company) National Bank of Punjab, Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited, Reliance Spinning Diseases, Life Insurance Company (LIC) Nepal, Asia Pacific Communication Associates Nepal, Thopson Nepal and the like. Oriental Nepal Insurance Company Limited and National Insurance Company Limited are located in Nepal. Recently Dabur Nepal received NRs 9 billion from Nepal Investment Board for further investment.

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The lawyers joined forces with the Ministry of Women and Child Development to support the program ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ to bring about change in society.

This is a very worrying issue. Five or six years ago, India was number one in terms of annual FDI in Nepal, but India is still number one in terms of FDI in Nepal. As far as the implementation of FDI alliances is concerned, we believe that Indian partners are safe because Indian investors do not need passports or visas to visit and invest in Nepal. But this does not mean that Nepal gets priority investment from India. We got 0.005% of India’s total investment. According to the direct investment department of our Ministry of Industry, Nepal received less than NR 1 billion from India in the last financial year 2020/21, while in recent years the number of organizations SAE investors in China is about 1.5 trillion. . Until last year, N.R.

Since the 1990s, the Nepalese government and the private sector have been eager to welcome newly established Indian companies to Nepal. Therefore, we at NICCI are planning to launch a body through the “Nepal-India Cooperation Facility” of Nepal India with the support of the Nepal Investment Board, the Ministry of Industry and the diplomatic officials. of both countries. In the link We have a preview about it. Communication with partner agencies.

Nepal is a country with potential for various investments. According to a technical report, the hydropower potential is about 0.2 million GW, but no private company in India has been able to tap into this potential, except GR. in trouble More energy is needed to develop industries and other domestic needs. Government of Nepal awarded 679 EGAW Lower Arun Hydropower Project to SJVN as Arun 3 Cascade Project. Bangladesh will start construction of 1,110 W Sankoshi II and 550 W Sankoshi III projects and plans to buy W9,000 of power from Nepal by 2040. Nepal and thousands of such projects in Nepal cannot use all these forces. In addition, the Government of Nepal is developing new regulations for Nepalese exports through transport and network projects, where after construction, developers can stick to the decision to export directly to India or a third country. Therefore, the potential of Nepal’s electricity sector is huge.

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We have many herbs and blends but we need manufacturing technology to produce locally, regionally and internationally and provide quality Ayurvedic medicines at affordable prices.

Since we are talking about FDI and technology transfer, we have covered infrastructure such as roads, tunnels, bridges, construction of new airports and renovation of existing airports, construction and management of ICDs and ICPs. Export control zones have been established in all seven provinces. has the ability to build and manage railway projects such as the East-West Railway and the Birgunj Kathandu Railway, a group of quality hospitals in seven provinces in the field of health, a representative of quality education and a group of information technology and IT companies. Team because labor cost in Nepal is cheap with bright young people. The guarantee sector and other industrial sectors which are designated EPZs can therefore be considered for Indian investors.

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Beti Exchange

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