Casino Royale Watch

Casino Royale Watch – At the heart of this watch is the Co-Axial escapement, which revolutionized watchmaking when it was first introduced. Low stress on moving parts means a reduced need for lubrication, long-term accuracy and a stable power reserve of revolutions. In short, this watch works best for a long time.

Our coaxial movements benefit from a revolutionary coaxial escapement within their design. With less friction created, they are able to maintain accuracy for longer and also maintain a more stable rate of power reserve. Each movement is certified to the international chronometer standard ISO3159, which requires an accuracy of -4/+6 seconds per day after tests at the Official Swiss Chronometer Office (COSC).

Casino Royale Watch

Casino Royale Watch

To ensure the integrity of our watches at depth, not only some, but all watches are completely submerged in water and pressure resistance is guaranteed. By sinking every hour, we decided – again – to exceed normal testing standards.

Omega Casino Royale

In an effort to raise industry standards and push the boundaries of quality, all OMEGA watches come with a full 5-year warranty. This customer pledge demonstrates the trust we place in our finest watches and provides additional assurance and confidence in your watch selection.

Expect fewer service center visits. The coaxial escapement is designed to reduce friction within the movement. As a result, less lubrication is required and therefore less maintenance. Compared to a watch without Co-Axial, the interval between servicing your watch will be much longer.

During the homologation process, OMEGA watches are tested to a certain extent. This phase includes crash tests to confirm reliability and verify that accuracy is maintained even after a heavy impact. All OMEGA watches are designed to withstand shocks equivalent to a 1 meter drop onto a wooden floor. For a standard 150g watch, this sudden and rapid acceleration is equivalent to a force of up to 5000G on the dial.

Stainless steel is undoubtedly the most popular watch material for outdoor crafts, offering elegance, strength and affordability. OMEGA uses 316L stainless steel. Known for its resistance to corrosion and high gloss after polishing, this material is often the best choice for watches in everyday use and in high-stress situations such as diving and travel.

Omega Watches And Casino Royale

To really appreciate the fine details of the watch, OMEGA uses a synthetic sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective, scratch-resistant finish. Before the actual machining and finishing processes, sapphire crystals are produced in a Verneuil process called flame fusion. It involves melting the raw material using an oxyhydrogen flame and crystallizing the molten droplets into a cylindrical shape. The resulting ruby ​​crystals are rated 9 on the Mohs hardness scale (grade 1-10) and are virtually scratch-resistant and extremely hard, so they always provide vision. mouse click. I will fix it soon.

That being said, the James Bond franchise has become such a cultural presence that even if you’ve been living under a rock, I doubt you could miss it entirely. I remember using the theme song for a presentation in elementary school when it was Word Art

Despite avoiding death on various occasions, 007 himself has yet to figure out how to escape the clutches of business marketing. Product placement is at the forefront of the franchise, giving those looking to emulate the charisma and psyche of an agent the means to do so; hours are included. Check out this scene from Casino Royale that my college marketing professor used to really make his point:

Casino Royale Watch

It’s product placement, but you have to give it to the character: a class, a skill, and a license to kill, all in one package. My toddler would like a Bond watch. Unfortunately, that same kid doesn’t have $12,750.

James Bond’s Watches: The Complete Movie Timeline

Surprisingly to you and me, there’s a Bond watch that you can get for just $30. In the 1983 Bond movie Octopussy, 007, played by Roger Moore, wears a Seiko G757 5020 Sports 100, moving away from the Rolex the character was known for at the time. During this period, quartz watches grew in popularity and were seen as futuristic devices that fit Bond’s wrist. An exact model is now rare and can be had in the $1,000 range on eBay.

And that finally brings me to today’s review. Fans have turned to a cheaper alternative that offers similar style at a lower price: the Casio AE1200, dubbed the Casio Royale – a play on the title of another Bond film.

The AE1200 comes in 3 different colors namely Black, Silver and Army Green. Accordingly, there are 3 strap options namely rubber, stainless steel and canvas. For the Bond look, use a stainless steel bracelet as pictured here.

The first thing you notice about the case is its shape. Unlike most watches that use a traditional round design, Casio has adopted a square profile with beveled edges. It may or may not be for everyone, but I enjoy its uniqueness.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Xl Big Size 29005091 James Bond Casino Royale Watch

The size of the watch is 42.1 mm, width 45 mm and thickness 12.5 mm. The watch is very compact and fits well in the hand. I find that the square profile really helps to make it more comfortable to wear. However, the watch is a bit on the side and from experience it does not fit under the shirt cuff.

At first glance, the body is made of metal. However, note that it is actually made of plastic resin coated with silver paint. I would appreciate it if they made it stainless steel and didn’t mind paying more.

Since it is a coating, it can also chip after a little wear and tear, especially if you don’t take care of the watch. I will admit that mine has warped a bit and the paint is starting to come off the edges. It’s not that much of a problem for me because it’s my beatr watch and besides, you can always choose something else given its affordability.

Casino Royale Watch

However, the watch comes with a stainless steel back that is fixed with four screws that help water resistance up to 10 BAR. In the words of Casio’s official website, the watch “Can be used around sinks, swimming, diving by the pool, swimming, but not jet skiing or scuba diving”.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Casino Royale For Rs.445,890 For Sale From A Trusted Seller On Chrono24

The stainless steel bracelet comes with a clasp, a slide clasp and uses folded links. It may seem tacky to some, but let’s be fair; they had to cut costs

. Closer to the rings, the steel bracelet starts at 24mm and tapers to 18mm at the waist. But remember that the actual pipe width is 18mm. I’ve seen examples of people swapping the stock bracelet for NATO straps, but it seems to me that the watch without the beveled strap looks a bit lopsided. You can experiment or buy a custom strap to make it work for you, although I prefer to keep it on the original bracelet.

As you would expect from Casio, the crystal is nothing fancy and is made of acrylic. If you bump into something, it will scratch, as I have done on several occasions. The words “World Time” are written on the top of the case, while the words “10 Year Battery” and “Porthole” are written on the bottom of the dial and case. As they suggest, these are clock functions.

One quick look at the number and you’ll immediately see that there’s a lot going on here. The main time is shown below along with the day, date and month. This is your main time zone and you can switch between 4 set time zones; An extremely convenient feature, especially if you travel a lot.

Omega Seamaster James Bond 007 Casino Royale 2907.50.91 Steel Wristwatch

Scrolling up places the world map above the day/date display and shows your current time zone. It’s small and probably serves no purpose, but I just love the aesthetics and the thought that went into it. The window above the world map is used to display your alarms, alarm clock, and button control tone. In this case, I muted the tone, hence the words “MUTE”.

In the upper left corner, Casio somehow found a place to fit a secondary time display in the form of an analog digital clock. The secondary display always shows the time in your default home time zone, another useful feature for those who travel a lot and always want to know what time it is to get home.

In addition to these features, you get a flashlight, stopwatch, timer, 5 alarms and time in 48 different cities covering all time zones. It even includes a day!

Casino Royale Watch

The rubber strap versions usually cost around $35, while the steel bracelet costs a bit more, around $38. I saw them marked down to $30 during a sale. With everything you can find in it

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