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Hard Rock Casino

Hard Rock Casino

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Hard Rock Casino

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood is South Florida’s premier entertainment destination, featuring a 130,000 square foot Las Vegas-style casino and 500-room 4-star resort hotel and rock music memorabilia displayed in “hard rock style”. Guests enjoy a full-service European-style spa, a 4-hectare swimming pool complex, plus dozens of shops, restaurants and nightclubs, including the Hard Rock Cafe and the center bar of the casino featuring the multimedia extravaganza “Power Tower”. Guestrooms feature unique touches such as Tivoli stereo and CD systems and ultra-luxurious beds. The hotel is conveniently located with easy access from Fort Lauderdale or Miami via I-95, I-595 or Florida Turnpike.

Free self parking. Valet parking is $25 + tax per vehicle per night and is collected directly at the resort. — 1.1.2023. – 31.12.2029

A daily resort fee of $40 + tax will be added to your reservation at the time of booking. Resort fee includes: Access to resort pools (Hard Rock Hotel, Hotel Guitar and Laguna Complex) – complimentary pool towels – Daily access to the fitness center (2 people) – Fast track entry to Daer Day Club and Night Club (before 11:00 PM). ). Entry fees still apply. – Free Wi-Fi – Unlimited local calls, free self-parking (Seminole Way Garage, Luckie Street Garage & Winners Way Garage), free electric vehicle charging station, access to the sound you live in, signature Hard Rock music room with unique audio experience guests in three inspiring ways: songs (playlist), take (Fender guitar) and candles (vinyl record player) – * available on request, access to Rock Om Yoga Kit with Manduka Prolite yoga mat and yoga videos available on TV in the room. channel for in-room attention experience – * available on request. — 14.3.2023. – 31.12.2029

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Set up your free account today and get the most out of Tee Times USA. View your bookings, past trips, choose your favorites and more! You will receive exclusive offers and discounts reserved only for registered customers. At the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and casino, the Guitar Hotel overlooks a 13.5-hectare pool and cabana-topped lagoon.

The Guitar Hotel is covered with 16,800 V-sticks – LED lights that can light up individually to display different colors and patterns at different speeds and directions.

Hard Rock Casino

The Guitar Hotel was part of a $1.5 billion expansion of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

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The 34-story Guitar Hotel rises 450 feet (137 m) into the South Florida skyline, taking the familiar shape of an instrument, complete with six strings running down the middle.

The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s Guitar Hotel features a light cannon on its roof that shoots strings up to 20,000 feet into the night sky, creating the illusion of a guitar neck.

Neon guitars have adorned the signs outside the Hard Rock Cafe for decades — and now the company has taken over the symbol. As part of the $1.5 billion expansion of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida, the world’s first guitar-shaped hotel was opened, adorned with a giant light facade.

The 34-story guitar rises 450 feet (137 m) into the South Florida skyline, taking on the familiar shape of the instrument, complete with six strings running down the middle. At night, the “cannon” lights on the roof string project up to 20,000 feet (6,000 m) into the sky, creating the illusion of a guitar neck.

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The entire building is covered with 16,800 V-Sticks – LED light strips that can light up individually to show different colors and patterns at different speeds and directions. The whole thing can be carefully choreographed to create some impressive sound and light show.

“Before the show, we have a moment when the installation is resting; ambient light, fluid,” said Antoine Saint-Maur, director of multimedia at Float4, a company that designs light shows. “At that moment, we want the guests to be able to gather in anticipation, collectively waiting to start the show.” That’s the feeling we want to create with the show; We want to create a moment for guests and fans of Hard Rock to gather and watch the daily celebration.

In addition to the Guitar Hotel, the expansion also added a new 7,000-seat Hard Rock Live venue, a 13.5-acre (5.4 ha) pool and lagoon with rooftop cabanas, a new casino, nightclub, spa and fitness center, restaurants and retail . store

Hard Rock Casino

The project was managed, directed, designed and installed by Design Communications Ltd, while Float4 designed the light show, powered by RealMotion 4 Karat Gold Series servers.

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Michael has always been fascinated by space, technology, dinosaurs and the strange mysteries of the universe. With a degree in professional writing and years of experience, he joined New Atlas as a staff writer in 2016. When executives at Hard Rock International decided to give new life to the landmark property in Hollywood, Florida, they knew he wanted to go big. What the architecture and design team didn’t expect was that “going big” meant never before—and in the form of a Les Paul.

“Our eyes widened and we said, ‘build a guitar?'” Steve Peck, associate principal of Clay Yuba Wald Architecture + Interiors in Las Vegas, told the Miami Herald in October 2019. “‘Okay, but it will cost him more,’ ” Peck continued. “We don’t think the owner will accept it.”

The owners really put in the effort, and the elegant 450-foot-tall Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino takes a sleek guitar silhouette, its curves gliding across the skyline, its glass facade reflecting the coastal sky around it.

Since opening in October 2019, the Guitar Hotel, as it’s known, has quickly become one of the most prominent and recognizable attractions in South Florida, literally lighting up the night sky – 30,000 feet straight up, to be exact – with a giant light canon that dominates the illuminated tower. of multi-colored lights that represent the neck and strings of the guitar.

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It’s a stunning spectacle that can be seen for miles in every direction—and a fitting display for a destination that took 12 years and $1.5 billion to build, all with the goal of restoring its once-fading “Vegas” flare to the original resort, which first opened. in 2004.

A hotel with an iconic exterior, for example, must convey a unique aesthetic to its interior. And it starts with the hotel’s main lobby and hallway, designed by three architectural firms: Clay Yuba Wald Architecture + Interiors, plus Rockwell Group and Hernandez Design Associates.

The collective imagined a three-dimensional geometric ceiling, which has become its own attraction since the opening of the hotel. They worked with Architecture to create a unique and curved maze-like structure from the company’s custom ceiling line designed for Plafon Decoustics that extends the spacious foyer hallway space.

Hard Rock Casino

The architects were challenged to design a completely unique solution to bring the 3D design to life — the first of its kind — while delivering a structure that also offers acoustic performance to control crowd noise below.

Unique Guitar Shaped Hotel Opens At Florida Seminole Casino

To achieve this, the architectural engineers used raw acoustic materials from the Decoustics Claro® collection, which offer a variety of customization options including shape, size and color, and achieve an NRC level of up to 0.90.

The design calls for 448 large acoustic 3D shapes to appear to float in mid-air while maintaining the alignment and geometry of the curved ceiling shape, which spans over 3,400 square feet and consists of geometric modules made of two square and two rectangular shapes, respectively- each. consists of panels that are sloped and tapered. Each module measures 46 inches x 84 inches and weighs about 120 lbs.

To reduce weight, each panel is made with a special hollow core construction, and different material thicknesses are used to achieve an overall voluminous look with a 3D effect.

The steel frame suspension is also specially engineered to maintain the shape of each module, carrying weight, but maintaining near-invisibility for the floating ceiling effect. To complete this look, the panels are fitted with special extrusions to attach to the suspension system.

Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Biloxi

The finished lobby ceiling is a spectacular geometric sculpture that offers guests a stunning visual – a shape that creates a repeating pattern that is mirrored on both sides.